EP Fast

EP FAST is a data visualization tool created for Argonne National Laboratory. It's primary capability is visualizing data from power-plants after simulated disasters. My role in this project was as a UI, UX, and dataviz designer.

One of EP Fast’s capabilities is visualizing the transportation of electricity via LINES. The thickness of the line indicates its load. The color of a line indicates whether it’s been tripped in the simulation, and its relative load at a glance.

Another aspect of EP Fast’s visualization are NODES. A node can represent a generation bus, a load bus, or a cluster of various nodes all co-located. Nodes are color-coated based on whether they lost load or are generating less than their capacity.

One challenging feature of the design process for EP Fast was managing different scales. The users consistently referenced the importance legibility at multiple levels. To solve this in the case of nodes, we decided on a heatmap representation for nodes when the user zooms out, showing concentations of load or generation lost.

The last represention integral to EP-Fast is that of the ISLAND. An island is an area of the power grid that is cut off from those around it. The main design challenge when it came to islands presented itself in the fact that islands can overlap geographically. We decided to address this by letting their outlines fragment, and making it possible for the user to click and highlight them. The color of Islands indicates load lost.